About us

Omniwaresoft Technology Inc.

Comprehensive Open Source Solutions and Data Analysis

Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. has position to be the “Open Source Enterprise Total Solution Provider”, provide enterprise level open source integration services to customers. Allowing users and partners in Taiwan to have more professional, faster and complete consulting services.

Establish in 2009, Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. has distributed software and provide the most competitive and effective consulting services to both enterprise users and partners with open source solution. We dedicate to assist customers and partners to have the best solution and technical support. We also provide complete pre-sales, technical supports, upgrade, migration and post services. As the main source of complete open source solution provider, customers can choose the best solution based on their needs with least investment and gain the most return.

Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. will continue to introduce competitive open source solution around the globe, and base on the solution of big data, we wish to provide enterprise users and partners more open, complete and faster analysis, processing, visualization, and data integration technologies in the future.

Why Omniwaresoft ?



Long-term endeavor partnership for major open source products

  • Long-term reseller of EDB, ELK, MongoDB, Docker, Greenplum, etc.
  • Recognition from software vendors and customers for professionals and consultancy services


Full spectrum of solution and services

  • Help customers to design the most efficient architecture based on our complete software arsenal
  • Provide tech supports, consultancy, and training courses for all software


Abundant project experience

  • Pinpoint customers’ pain and fulfill needs based on their specific requirement
  • Customers across SME, MNC, and public sectors


Database Migration icon

Database Migration

Integrate / implement / migrate among heterogenous systems and platforms

Docker Data Center icon

Docker Data Center

Develop/ implement / manage container environment


Implement on relational / non-relational database based on custom requests

Datawarehousing icon

Big Data Consultancy

Provide consultancy for implementation and analyses on open source and commercial software solutions

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Visual Analytics icon

Visual Analytics

Data pre-processing, data cleansing, business analytics, and visualization

IoT icon


Help to build IoT systems to collect sensor data and construct real-time data visualization and trend monitoring






Our Values in Customer Cases

Migration to PostgreSQL / EDB


  • Old databases from different vendors and versions
  • Applications redirect to new installation
  • Mission critical or not


  • SOP of data migration for different database vendors, especially for Oracle
  • Project management
  • Provide suggestions based on the usage of the system / database


  • Successful migration
  • SOP for Oracle migration
  • Best practices for Oracle migration

Implementation on PostgreSQL / EDB


  • Mission Critical
  • Data redirection
  • Connections switch to PostgreSQL / EDB


  • HA mechanism
  • Experiences on mission critical systems and different industries
  • Project management
  • Complete test scenarios for data and application connections


  • Solid implementation
  • Experiences on medical, financial, manufacturing, and telecom industries

Migration – from former data warehouse to Greenplum


  • End of Services
  • Cost effective
  • Scalability
  • Data volume
  • Query performance


  • MPP, share-nothing, HA architecture
  • Multi-segment storage
  • Local services and vendor supports


  • Better query performance
  • Capacity scaled out based on data volume/usage growth

Migration – from former data warehouse to Greenplum


  • Cost effective
  • Lack of local support
  • Automation mechanism
  • Different rounding logics
  • Connections switch to GP
  • Lack of AI functionality support
  • Loader/bteq modification


  • MPP, share-nothing, HA architecture
  • Multi-segment storage
  • Local services and vendor support
  • UDF or communication for rounding concepts
  • Project management


  • In-database analytics match TD performance
  • Customized JCS to replace TD automation mechanism.
  • Smaller server room and less electricity spend.
  • Direct supports on R/Python

Migration – from former data warehouse to Greenplum


  • Cost-effective
  • Scalability
  • Expensive HA
  • Management complexity
  • Poor batch job performance (DB-link + View)


  • MPP, share-nothing, HA architecture
  • Multi-segment storage


  • Daily batch job time spend reduces drastically
  • Ability to scale out easily
  • Excellent query performance
  • Better data accessibility

Implementation – EDW


  • EDW-level Scalability
  • Query performance
  • Support for AI analytics


  • MPP, share-nothing, HA architecture
  • Multi-segment storage


  • Ability to scale out easily
  • Excellent query performance
  • Direct supports on R/Python

Customer case

Linux/OpenStack/Cloud Solutions

  • C**C Bank Co., Ltd.
  • K*I Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Ca**ay Securities Corporation
  • Leg***ative Yuan
  • Ac***mia Sinica
  • Ta***i Exchange

Data Integration and Migration

  • Ch***hwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
  • Ta***n Mobile Co., Ltd.
  • Ta***n Easy Go
  • National Chung Ch*** University
  • S***th E*st Travel Service Co.,Ltd

Big Data Analysis Platform

  • Fis**l Information Agency, MOF
  • United Mi***electronics Corporation
  • Y***ta Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
  • AU Opt***ics Corporation
  • Ep**tar Corporation
  • In**lux Corporation

Log and IoT Solution

  • Far E**Tone
  • Int***ational Games System Co., Ltd.
  • L**n Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Statistical Analysis

  • H**ai Insurance Co., Ltd.