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Best Database Migration Solution

Selecting a new database presents an additional challenge for IT aside from cost: data migration. In the past, this has been addressed by buying ETL tools, using auxiliary aids, or programming, adding complexity for IT.

EDB offers efficient data migration tools, reducing costs for product and data migration. It meets IT’s requirements for versatility, performance, quality, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal database solution.

The Importance of Migration Strategy

Database migration obstacles often stem from a lack of a clearly defined, low-risk, low-cost strategy. EDB has worked closely with clients over the years to identify a successful approach: integrating new database technologies into existing architectures with characteristics such as low risk, ease of execution, technical demonstration, feasibility in terms of manpower and costs, and compatibility with Oracle.

The table below shows the technologies and skills that were successfully implemented in enterprises using Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS).

Creating and launching new business applications in PPAS.
PPAS is an Oracle Replication Server.
Migrating non-critical Oracle applications to PPAS.
Migrating Oracle applications to PPAS.

EDB database compatibility

EDB PPAS offers high compatibility with Oracle, making data migration easy. It can execute Oracle applications with up to 90% compatibility, making migration of many applications seamless. The compatibility enhancements can be categorized as follows:

Postgres Plus Advanced Server supports Oracle's SQL extensions, including DECODE, DUAL Table, and ROWNUM.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server is compatible with Oracle's PL/SQL, including Triggers, Procedures, Packages, Functions, and also supports accessing internal database information such as Wait Events and Data Dictionary. This means developers do not need additional training, applications do not need to be rewritten, and migration costs and risks are minimized, saving time and conversion costs.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server supports DBA tools such as SQL* Plus, SQL* Loader, and DBLinks. These features allow database administrators to use their Oracle skills without extra training, including support for the Oracle Data Dictionary.

EDB and Postgres Plus Advanced Server both support popular programming languages like C and C++. This ensures seamless functionality for Oracle applications and reduces migration costs by minimizing the need for program modifications.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server provides automated tools for migrating Oracle schema, data, and functions, simplifying the process into a single step and reducing conversion costs.Migration tools

資料庫廠商的產品都有自己與眾不同且獨特的 SQL 語言。

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 中的 Oracle 的 SQL 擴展,如 DECODE、DUAL Table 和 ROWNUM。

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 的程序語言是相容 Oracle 的 PL/ SQL Trigger、Procedure、Package、Function 和資料庫內部的資訊,像是 Wait Events、Data Dictionary…等。



DBA 的 SQL* Plus,SQL* Loader 的 DBA 管理服務器,和 DBLinks 的工具,在 Postgres Plus Advanced Server 都支援。

這些模擬功能,使資料庫管理員能夠避免再培訓和並沿用承他們的 Oracle 技能,即使是最常見的 Oracle Data Dictionary 都支援。


EDB 的支援最常見的編程語言,用於創建 Oracle 的應用程式。

此外, Postgres Plus Advanced Server 支援 OCI 及 Pro*C,以確保您的應用程式寫在 C 或 C++ 仍然會運行,進一步可以減少原有程式的修改,以減少遷移成本。

相容性的功能是最大的利器,但如果轉換工作成本高昂,Postgres Plus Advanced Server 提供了自動化工具來遷移 Oracle 的 Schema、資料、Package、Trigger、Procedure 及 Function 到 Postgres Plus Advanced Server 上,只需要一個步驟。

Migration Toolkit - The Best Tool for Migration

Migration Toolkit is a robust command-line tool for precise control over data and DDL migration. It supports migration from different databases to Postgres Plus Advanced Server or PostgreSQL, offering online and offline migration options for ease of use. 
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